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【mon luxe】 - My luxury -

We live surrounded by many things. 
Are you surrounded by things that fill you with happiness each time you use it? 

We will deliver products that make you excited and relieved when you obtain from around the world. 
The excitement you felt when receiving a gift as a child. 
The heartbeats when unwrapping the package.  
Do you remember these feelings?

We would like to deliver the excitement of these days, which are easy to be forgotten in your busy lives, to you as an adult. 

Our company started from those thoughts. 

The meaning of our company name “mon luxe” is “ My luxury”

Please look for  “mon luxe” that represents you.
We are happy to help you. 

Sales Strategy

We understand the needs of customers through throughgoing research on the Japanese market. 
We reflect customer needs flexibly that change with times. 
We will get customers’ expectations by proactively handling products that are better design, more functional and innovative.

Business Development

We sell products purchased from overseas to end users, mainly through EC sites.
We are currently engaged in domestic crowdfunding sales and are also expanding to B2B transactions.

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#103,2238-9,kayada,Yachiyo-shi Chiba-ken 
276-0043 JAPAN


Yukiko Kusanagi

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Import・Export・Product Producing

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